Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dubious progress..... 

Well, the dietary reform and motility medication was for naught. Tried the methadone again and had exactly the same result: my stomach completely shut down. Hurling is not my favorite way to lose weight. At least the Miralax does its job, so there is a small victory within the whole mess. Will be seeing the gastroenterologist tomorrow. I don't think she'll have anything else up her sleeve, so I may have to kiss the methadone goodbye. The primary care doc will probably send me to a pain management specialist, but I'm not feeling confident that there are any pain relief methods left that I haven't already tried.

Chip is now stitchless, but not yet collarless. He needs to let the incisions heal for a few more days, so the Elizabethan collar must stay on until probably the weekend. He doesn't seem any more thrilled about his situation than I am with mine. At least I don't have to wear a collar.

Called my LTD company yesterday to see if they had gotten the notes from the doctor they wanted. They had not. I informed them that my calls to the doc's office went through an automated system, so I had very little control over the situation, but the lady on the other end of the phone was unimpressed. So I called the sleep specialist's medical records department again. This time I did get a call back. Seems that the reason the LTD company had not gotten the records is that they wouldn't pay for them. Funny, they didn't mention that to me at all.....just made it seem as if the doc was blowing them off. The medical records lady said they finally got payment earlier in the day and that she would be sending the records ASAP. So THAT'S why the LTD has been able to drag out approving my benefits claim!! They've been requesting records but not paying for them, and then when they don't get what they want for free, they send ME a letter stating the doc didn't respond and demand a 30 day extension on deciding my claim!! They also demand that I call the doc to put pressure on him/her to comply, as if it's MY fault that my docs charge a fee for records! Grrrrr....that burns me up! That's unethical, misleading and should be illegal. I'm going to call the LTD company next week to make sure they've gotten the records. If they use any more delay tactics, I'm calling a lawyer. I shouldn't have to wait three months for a decision on a claim that they paid for the prior six months. It's not like I miraculously was cured in the interim.

Seems that a brand new Wally World (Wal-Mart) is opening tomorrow in my neighborhood. I have mixed feelings about this. Local Wal-Marts have gotten a bad rap because of their bullying tactics in discouraging unionization. And of course I don't like the way the employees are treated or paid. But on the other hand, this is very near my home, and it would take a lot less energy for me to shop there than it would for me to drive to my neighboring town to shop the nearest Target. If they have elecric carts, that is. And face it, with no income at the moment, I can't afford to shop at the more expensive places. So I am gonna take a peek at the new store tomorrow, mainly out of curiosity. This is one of only two Wal-Marts in the world made primarily of recycled materials. It has solar panels and wind machines, and is heated with vegetable oil. I probably will not shop there regularly, especially once the LTD company starts paying. But I hope no one will see me as the devil for setting foot in there.

One place that I am more happy about is the Walgreens being built up the street from the Wal-Mart. As Dan will attest, the pharmacy is practically my second home, so it would really be great to have one just two miles from the house. I don't know what the projected completion date is, but it does seem to be going up fast, so maybe soon?

Right now, I'm trying to download an episode of "Lost", believe it or not. You can access them on iTunes, and a friend purchased the "Everybody Hates Hugo" one for me, which is way cool. Now, if my computer would just stay dialed up long enough to complete the download.....

Speaking of "Lost", I guess there are podcasts available too? Haven't checked it out yet, but you can bet I will.

And of course I'm looking forward to the new episode airing tomorrow night, FINALLY! Supposedly, someone's gonna get bumped off. The previews make it look like it's gonna be Sawyer, but I'm predicting a more minor character, like the blonde lady who was in the back of the plane?

Well, seeing as how I have no food in my tummy, I guess I can go to bed early if I like.....

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