Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hangover without the pleasure of alcohol... 

I have a rotten hangover.... it's from not being on the gastroparesis medication anymore. Apparently, it was helping me a lot more than I was giving it credit for. My stomach is very angry with me. Not nearly as bad as before I went gluten-free, but I'm gonna have to re-think my meals all over again. It is a monumental effort to do much or concentrate, and I have that completely indescribable "blah" feeling that comes with a hangover. At least I FINALLY got some sleep Saturday night.

Still twitchin' and shakin'. Gets a little better every day, but everyone in the aquacise class today noticed the tremors. I almost fell in the pool a few times because my body is so uncoordinated right now. I don't dare call in sick to work until I earn a sick day next month. It takes 50 shifts to earn one day off sick...basically, we get four a year. One of the new managers is trying to fire anyone who calls in sick more than four days a year. If I wanted to fight her on it I would win, but I'm avoiding the hassle right now if I can.

Got my taxes done! Would have finished in just two hours total (both federal and state), but I had some problems that took an additional hour. I lost my internet connection three times, grrrrr. And instead of printing from the screen like in previous years, they have you download your form in pdf format. That would have been fine, except they kept insisting I had to have Acrobat Reader. My default application wouldn't read their pdfs, so I opened up Acrobat Reader (I already had it), and THAT wouldn't print the derned things. I ended up using Acrobat 5.0 and setting up my printer over again. At least it's done, AND we're getting a surprisingly large refund! The tax laws have been changed slightly to cut down on penalizing married couples without kids. I also had underestimated how much refinancing our home was going to benefit us. Whew!

Tomorrow, I have massage therapy, the chiropractor AND the gastroentrologist (brain fog caused me to make multiple appointments same day again). Friday is the rheumatologist. Hope to end the week with more answers than when I started.

Pain level: 8
Fatigue level: 8

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