Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Dan likes to exchange gifts as soon after midnight as possible, which for us means after work. He's such a kid....never could wait until after he wakes up for the day, lol. He gave me this adorable purple teddy bear that smells like lilacs! My favorite color and scent! Heavenly! Also a copy of "Seabiscuit", both the DVD and the book. I gave him a gift certificate to a day spa for a 90 minute therapeutic massage.....he more than deserves it after all he does for me!

This is pretty cool...I discovered I've lost enough weight (22 pounds) to be able to fit into the heart-shaped ring Dan gave me eight years ago on Valentine's Day. I wore it today along with the heart-shaped pendant he found three years ago that matches the ring.

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