Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My employers have a new regime... 

...there is a whole new lineup of managers in my department at work. Most of the changes have taken place in the past month. Several of the mangers are from outside our department and haven't the slightest idea who we are or how we get our work done.

The new foreman is the one with whom I have to interact the most, and of course he is the main one I can't stand. He thinks he is the conversation police and comes running over to tell me to get back to work whenever I say hello to someone, even if I say hello while I'm busy working. I'm hoping like crazy his reign is brief.

The most worriesome person, though, appears to be the brand new manager a couple of levels up. She has called one of my co-workers into the office twice already to reprimand her about her attendance. This was in reference to stuff that happened last March. Yesterday this co-worker was informed that if she calls in sick one more time in the next eight weeks, she is fired. While this manager probably doesn't know about my chronic illnesses, she apparently has access to the attendance records. We are only allowed four sick days per year. I called in sick seven times in eight weeks last fall. I suspect I will be the next one to get the threat. I cannot honestly promise that I won't call in sick until I earn a sick day off in the next eight weeks. I CAN promise, however, that if this manager attempts to fire me illegally, my union rep will be a witness.

Other new stuff going on....the powers that be (my managers) have decided to get rid of the ad production system we have used for the last six years and start over with a new operating system and applications. Fine. I don't mind learning new stuff. The problem is with my foggy foggy brain. I don't have nearly the retention I used to and become mentally exhausted quite easily. I hope this does not become obvious to the trainers. I will do my best and will insist upon taking breaks to write notes as necessary because it will help me remember.

So much for just getting my job done and minding my own business. Only 27 years until retirement.

Pain level: 7
Fatigue level: 7

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