Friday, February 20, 2004

Twitching the night away.... 

...the muscle relaxant last night didn't help keep the muscle twitches and cramps at bay, and I couldn't sleep throught them even with the aid of sleep medicine. Sigh. Another long morning of epsom soaks, hot towels, Mineral Ice and frustration. I was far too exhausted to stay out of bed in between bouts. Dan finally had to get me up at 2:30, which barely left me enough time to get ready for work. Yes, I went to work....I won't have a sick day available for another month, and I'm trying to avoid being disciplined for calling in without one.

Good news at work, though....I got 90% on the test I took! Yay! I was allowed to take it toward the beginning of the shift when it was a little easier to think clearly. I don't always get credit at work for having any brains, so it's nice to have some validation. I think I got the best score on the night shift.

On Saturday, the local fibromyalgia/CFIDS support group I've joined is having a meeting with a speaker. He is a well-known expert on chronic fatigue. I found out that one of the other members has Sjogren's too...maybe we'll have a chance to chat about that a bit.

In the meantime, my ailments are having quite a party tonight....I've got the most profound aching going on, and I know the fibro is involved because it's EVERYWHERE. Maybe I can talk Dan into a backrub before I go to sleep. Poor man certainly has his hands full taking care of me.

I'm really starting to wonder about the meaning of the abnormal result on the C-Reactive Protein test I had last week. The normal range is 0-5 and mine was 20. It's supposed to measure acute inflammation....I wonder if Sjogren's can do that even though I'm on an anti-inflammatory? I'll be asking the rheumatologist about that next week....seems to me that I either need to be re-checked for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus or be put on a new anti-inflammatory. Something seems amiss.

I'm trying to work a knot out of my right calf as I type this. Argh.

Pain level: 9
Fatigue level: 9

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