Friday, February 13, 2004

Valentine's and other plans... 

...I was just going to cook something at home for Dan and I, but he wasn't too enthusiastic about it. Can't blame him...I'm a lousy cook! Anyway, I think I can get away with lunch at Red Lobster, so we're going to go there on Saturday. I should be safe with a broiled lobster tail, baked potato and a salad sans croutons or dressing.

That night, we're going to see "Something's Got to Give" at the movie theatre. Maybe I can talk Dan into buying some Junior Mints so I can have a few. They're gluten free (but I'm not supposed to eat chocolate).

I'm living life on the edge....I bought steak at the grocery store. It's supposed to be a no-no for me, but I have had hardly any stomach trouble for a month now, so I'm going to try a small portion with something easy to digest like rice. I did buy the leanest kind the store had. I bet I'll be fine. If so, I'll be sure to report this to my gastro doc when I see her on the 24th. This was the one that wanted me to live on baby food.

Saw the ENT this week and got both good and bad news. The good news is that I had my hearing re-checked and it has not deteriorated from six months ago (damage from Sjogren's). The bad news is that I have some sort of fungal infection in the sinuses. I'm taking Diflucan for a week, and they ran a C-reactive protein and some other tests.

Have developed a bothersome problem with my knees....they feel like they're slipping out of place sometimes when I'm walking. When they pop back into place, it hurts like crazy. The right one does this more often than the left. They both feel as if someone was trying to pull the kneecaps off using a can opener. I'll have to ask the rheumy about this one when I see him on the 27th.

Would love for this flare to ease off....I think the weather is primarily responsible. For about three weeks, it has snowed every third day or so. The barometer has been bouncing like a ping pong ball, so the pain and fatigue levels never really get a chance to go down and stay down. I think I will feel much better this summer.

Pain level: 7
Fatigue level: 7

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