Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Rave of the Day May 26: 

"Cyclorama", the album that Styx released last year. Surprisingly good. Has the familiar keyboard and harmonies that you'd expect from Styx, but the lyrics on most of the songs are pretty fresh, and some are very well-written. No mushy ballads here. It cracks me up to hear Tenacious D singing backup on "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye". And Billy Bob Thornton makes a brief guest appearance on "Bourgeois Pig". Lawrence Gowan is extremely talented, Tommy Shaw still has that fine sweet voice, and James Young adds that welcome sarcasm and edge that always made the band so interesting. Can you tell I'm getting revved up for the concert? Woooo hoooo!

Oh, and if you wanna take a peek, Styx does have an excellent website. Check it out:
Styx World

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