Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Farewell to Donna Euteneier... 

I am quite ill and am having trouble communicating. But I wanted to pass this important message along. Hope all involved will forgive me for copying it directly from Fibrohugs. Suds, a good friend of the webmaster's, posted this about 6:30 tonight....

"It is with a sad heart and great sorrow that I have to tell you that Donna died this morning.

We know that she is our guardian angel....no longer shackled by this human body that was diseased. She is free, just as beautiful as she always was, and starting to set up her home for her family for the time that they will eventually join her and they will all be re-united.

Per Ken..
She had started having labored breathing at 6am.

At 10am, her breathing started slowing down as Ken was talking to her about his aunt and other family members who had died of cancer who were waiting for her with outstretched hands. When he started talking about their children, she opened her eyes and looked right at him.

She died at 11:10am, holding Ken's hand and looking right into his eyes. What a beautiful passing.

Prayers for Ken and the family are needed more now than ever. This is a pain that no-one can "prepare" for. So please, whatever you believe in, keep Ken and family in your thoughts etc.."

I fully expected Donna to do one more remarkable thing before she died. I am sure Ken did too.

I will add more when I am able.

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