Saturday, June 05, 2004

Good things..... 

Met a new doctor on Thursday. Had had canker sores in my mouth for a solid month (Sjogren's strikes again) and was getting so I didn't want to eat due to the pain, so I called the primary doc's office. My doc was all booked up, so they asked if I wanted to see her new associate. I hesitated for a moment because one of the others docs in that office is a real jerk, but then I decided to go ahead because my mouth was burning like crazy. The new guy was really friendly....nice smile. I explained the problem I was having. He knew what Sjogren's was (surprising how many docs don't), but wasn't too familiar with what is usually done for canker sores. Rather than guess, though, he excused himself for a moment and actually went and looked it up in some books. He came back and apologized for having to leave, but explained he wanted to make sure he didn't overlook anything. He gave me scripts for a special mouthwash and a steroid preparation for the mouth. So I will make sure I see the new doc whenever my regular one is unavailable.

Earlier this week, I saw an ad for a new local restaurant due to open in a few weeks. It billed itself as specializing in natural foods suitable for vegans and/or people with special dietary needs. I looked up the website to see what was on the menu. Some of the dishes looked promising for someone with celiac disease, but I wasn't completely sure, so I e-mailed the restaurant. To my surprise, the restaurant owner sent me a reply within a few hours. He told me what on the menu was gluten-free and mentioned that he'd had trouble finding any recipes for gluten-free bread that tasted good. He actually asked me if I had any ideas! I suggested looking into something with buckwheat (despite its name, it does NOT contain wheat) and potato flour or maybe eggs. He sent me a reply saying he'd discuss it with his chef! Way cool! It 's sooo hard to find healthy food in restaurants....I'm very impressed with this owner's efforts and will make sure I visit his place when it opens.

Dropped off Dan at the airport yesterday for his vacation. He went back to South Dakota to visit friends and relatives. I think the poor man really needed a break from taking care of me and worrying about how we'll manage financially once I go on disability. I don't really mind staying home because it means he can go wherever he likes with his friends without me slowing him down. I believe they were headed for the Mall of America in Minneapolis this weekend.

Tomorrow I will be going to a professional baseball game! Yep, I've got some very nice seats for a friend of mine and me. Sort of a gal's afternoon out. Hate the idea of having to wear the granny hose and get them all sweaty, but it's the price I pay for fun, I guess. I will be doing something different this year: I got a parking pass so I can park in the closest lot. I used to just park at work for free, take the shuttle down the outdoor mall and then walk five blocks to the ballpark. I could probably still walk that far before the game, but I doubt I'll be able to after the game because I'll be all stiff from sitting. Besides, I think those stadium stairs will be exercise enough. I will be bringing a cushion for the stadium seat and a gluten-free protein bar for a snack.

Oh, and today I saw a Western tiger swallowtail butterfly! Yay!

Pain level: 6
Fatigue level: 8

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