Saturday, June 26, 2004

Residuals from last night..... 

Today I'm feeling a little bit better physically but much better mentally. Is it any wonder people with chronic illness frequently suffer from depression? I mean, I usually have a good attitude, but every once in awhile, the sheer number of symptoms becomes overwhelming.

I still feel extremely weak. I've still got the stutter too. The burning pain in my legs has been replaced by stiffness....it's awkward to bend my knees when I'm walking. I've had spasticity before...so far, it has always worn off eventually. Probably by the time I could get in to see a doctor about it, it will be gone again. But I will make some notes this weekend to pass along to my rheumatologist this week and will make sure I tell the neurologist about it at my next appointment.

I wonder if this will be a recurring problem or one that could be prevented with medication? I've been reading up on neurological symptoms in Sjogren's....problem is, it's rare and hasn't been studied much. There is no proven reliable treatment as the symptoms come and go so much....too hard to tell if the treatment helped or if the problem would have gone away on its own anyway.

I went out today just long enough to grab some food to go from a Mexican place and took it home to eat (burrito without the tortilla). That's about all the activity I can handle. We had company for a few hours this afternoon....I sat on the couch talking and was ok (he's known me long enough to be used to the stutter, thank goodness). I'm just going to be mellow the rest of the weekend, maybe going to church tomorrow night but otherwise staying put.

On a sad note....Donna is back in her home town but is not expected to survive much longer. Her doctors are thinking she will breathe her last either tonight or tomorrow. Thankfully, she is surrounded by her family now. It is difficult to let someone go even when you know their passing will be a blessed event. Soon, she will be free of the restrictions of a diseased body. Her soul will soar again.

I have no doubt I will see her again....someday.

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