Monday, June 14, 2004

Where'd the weekend go?? 

Dan got back this afternoon from his family visit to South Dakota. I downloaded the pix he brought back on the digital camera tonight. Here's one of him giving his neice a bottle:
Dan and Elaina

Dan and I went to dinner tonight and then the grocery store, and we watched the DVD of "Return of the King" he bought me. I am wiped out.

Got a call late Friday afternoon that there was a cancellation at the neurologist's, so I can get in tomorrow. I typed up a list of symptoms she should know about. Besides the numbness/tingling in the extremities, I have the same problem on the left side of my face from time to time. I also will mention the loss of grip strength in my hands, my tremors and muscle spasms, and the recent increase in cognitive dysfunction. I don't know if these are separate problems or all symptoms of the same problem. I guess that's why I'm not a doctor.

I'm not really ready for another workweek, but I seldom am.

Pain level: 6
Fatigue level: 8

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