Friday, July 30, 2004

Day 2 of the Great Prednisone Adventure..... 

I have started to get some of the grip strength back in my hands. I was able to grate two kinds of cheese last night for my gluten-free pizza. I'm feeling a little less clumsy as a result.

Also, tonight, I started feeling a bit more energetic. This is important as the number one thing keeping me from working is the fatigue. I know it won't last, but I'm trying to appreciate it while I have it.

One real downside to the prednisone is that while it's doing a great job on the inflammation from Sjogren's, it does absolutely nothing for fibromyalgia. In fact, I know a few people that actually hurt worse when they're on it. So I do have limits to my activity because of that.

Got my rheumy's authorization to return to work on Monday. Just in time, too...we're experiencing pesonnel and shift changes that day, and I want to be able to keep my workstation as I had to have special modifications made to it. I don't think my co-workers will recognize me, all short-haired and walking normally and looking alert.

Pain level: 5
Fatigue level: 5

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