Monday, July 12, 2004

I'm a burgundy babe.... 

The saga of the defunct satellite receiver is now drawing to a close. Stupid thing croaked a week and a half ago. Dan thought he'd be able to get a replacement at Wally World, but no such luck....not there or any of the local electronics stores. Ordering one through the dish company was gonna run us $100 plus shipping and handling, and I hardly ever watch the silly thing. Dan finally decided today to just get a regular antenna and have the dish service switched off tomorrow. This is a big step for him, going from 117 channels to 7. But it will save us over $50 a month.

Have a confession to make. I've been working nights for 9 years, so I have no idea what's on network TV. Since I was elevating my swollen feet on the couch tonight, I took a peek at something called "Designer Showdown" or something like that. I guess it's reality TV?? Not very good, but way better in comparison to that episode of "Survivor" I saw a few years ago on vacation. I just don't get what's supposed to be enjoyable about people whining about one another behind each other's backs.

After the good-looking Italian guy won the prize on the show, I got out the hair color I bought last week. I learned something....it's actually harder in some ways to color short hair than long. When it was long, I'd just pile my hair on top of my head after applying the color and wait 20 minutes. But it's only about two inches long in back and lays right against my neck....nearly impossible to keep the dye from getting on my ears and neck. Dan was very helpful though, both a providing a damp towel to wipe off errant blotches of hair color and with helping me rinse it out for what seemed an eternity.

The verdict: it looks very good. I managed to make it look fairly professional even though it's designed to wash out in a month. And none of my little spills or drips were permanent...everything cleaned up just fine both in the bathroom and off my skin. But Dan has pronounced this to be too much of a pain in the....um....back... to do again. So next month I'll see if I can get a pro to do a shade I like for a reasonable price. For now and for a few weeks, though, I'm a burgundy babe.

My next project is trying to find a forklift to get my dead butt outta this chair.

Pain level: 9
Fatigue level: 9

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