Tuesday, July 06, 2004

They're dishing it out, and I won't take it! 

Our satellite receiver croaked the day after my leave of absence started. Figures. We tried the usual read the manual, unplug it for awhile, etc. Couldn't get a hold of anyone because of the holiday weekend. Dan finally reached someone today, and they told him that our receiver is outdated and isn't compatible with the dish we upgraded TWO YEARS AGO! When we had the new dish installed, we were told the receiver was fine. Then they tried to tell us that to replace it, they would charge us $100 for a new receiver PLUS $75 for the service call! I don't think so! I've wanted to shut off the service ever since the dish company, formerly a GOOD company, merged with a mega corporation three years ago and became jerks. I rarely watch it anyway. Dan does, though, which is the only reason we have it. Cable here is even worse...crappy signal, rude employees, zero customer service AND fewer choices for the same money. We don't pick up the local stations very well because we're on the outskirts of town, but I suppose we could rig an antenna or something if Dan got really desperate. I think I'm ready to use the dish as a frisbee!

May have found a solution to me missing out on software training while I'm on leave. Some of our courses are online. I had Dan bring my textbook home with me, and I'll try logging on from the home computer. If it works, I'll at least have a third of my training done by the time I return to work, so I shouldn't be too far behind.

One good thing about being on leave is that I'll be able to attend this month's local Sjogren's support group meeting, which is on a weeknight next week. They're going to have a local disability lawyer talk with us, which is perfect timing for me. I plan to bring a long list of questions with me.

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