Friday, August 13, 2004

Pain back down to a dull roar.... 

Whew! Such a relief when I woke up today hurting less. I guess my adrenals have adjusted to being off the prednisone.

I seem to be getting around all right now...slower than I would like, but not quite as bad as before the prednisone. I have started a low dose of Cytomel (thyroid hormone) this week and hope it will help with the fatigue after a a few more days. I was able to stay awake at work tonight but fell asleep during the ride home.

I am concerned, though, about the heaviness in my chest. It has not let up at all. It seems to take more effort than it should to get a deep breath, and I've developed a dry cough. I will ask the rheumatologist at my next appointment whether I should consult a specialist. I'm probably fine, but Sjogren's can cause damage to the lungs, so I might want to make sure.

Pain level: 4
Fatigue level: 8

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