Monday, September 06, 2004

Rave of the Day for September 5: 

I'm going through Olympics withdrawal, so I really appreciated it when Ducky included this in her Daily Grin...

If the Olympics Were Held at Disneyland

• Medals placed around winners' necks by chirping birds.

• Goofy buys the farm in bizarre archery "accident."

• Regulation requiring all rowing event competitors to keep their hands and arms inside the boat at all times results in considerably lower scores.

• Sprinters legs spin wildly in place before they take off.

• Hammer Throw replaced with Dwarf Toss.

• Animatronic John Tesh much livelier than the real one.

• Donald Duck defects to Busch Gardens.

• Tinkerbell's "fairy dust" added to list of banned substances.

• Animatronic Abe Lincoln wins the Decathalon!

• $4 Cokes cost only $3.75.

• New Slogan: "The Sweatiest Place On Earth!"

• Minnie Mouse and Kerri Strug never seen together... hmmmm.

• Barbells marked "10,000 Pounds" absurdly easy to lift.

• A petulant Pluto demands chance to race for record 10th dog biscuit.

• The Little Mermaid takes home a record 49 gold medals in swimming events.

• "Gymnastic gold or no gymnastic gold, you're too short for the rides!"

• Synchronized swimmers don't just look goofy -- they *ARE* Goofy!

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