Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Getting help.... 

Finally decided it was time to make an appointment with a clinical psychologist. I feel better than I did over the weekend, but I'm still overwhelmed with trying to cope with all these ailments. And if I end up filing for permanent disability, I know I will need counseling anyway.

Had a hard time finding someone....most of the referral resources have only names of psychiatrists, and I want good old fashioned talk therapy, not more meds. When I did locate a psychology referral service, I asked to be sent to someone who specializes in chronic illness. Thank goodness they not only found someone, it was someone with a cancellation, so I'm going tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday's dental visit was worse than I expected. It was only supposed to be one filling, but the dentist discovered a newly cracked tooth right next to the one she was going to work on, so she decided it would be best to do that one also. That tooth had been fine during my checkup a month ago.

I had problems getting numb. I ended up requiring six shots of novacaine! The dentist was nice enough to give it extra time to take effect.

Then when she got underneath my old mercury filling I'd had since I was a teenager, she found extensive decay that hadn't showed up on my most recent x-rays. So she had to drill almost to the nerve. She said those two teeth will likely require root canals if the Sjogren's decays them any further.

Decided to go out and do some subdued birthday celebrating yesterday despite my dental disaster. Went to a discount store and bought Korn's greatest hits. Awesome stuff! I LOVE the remake of "Another Brick in the Wall"!!

Also used one of my movie passes. Went to "Robots". Hilarious! Exactly what I needed.

My jaw is still plenty sore. Don't think I'll be able to eat on the side I had the work done on until tomorrow. And the fibromyalgia is making other muscles sore just for good measure.

Still trying various things to make my meals diabetes compatible. Figured out if I add a little onion salt to my baked sweet potato, I can put less butter on it and it still tastes good. Was a bit alarmed at the carb content of the barbecue sauce I wanted to put on my broiled chicken, but then when I measured it out, I discovered I only needed half of what was considered a serving size.

And I found some good tasting gluten free corn flakes. I think they'll effectively disguise the taste of the 2 percent milk I'm trying to get used to. Maybe bananas would make it taste even better?

When I get the chance, I'm going to round up some stir fry recipes for the wok I got for my birthday. I'm thinking tofu would actually taste pretty good stir fried. I have gluten free soy sauce that tastes exactly like regular.

Got brave today and went shopping for exercise shorts at a sports store that was having a sale. Was hoping to find plain cotton shorts that fully covered my ass. Ended up with nylon soccer shorts that look nearly identical to ones I wore in the '70's. In particular, the satin-looking ones with the racing stripes down the side made me wonder if there was a disco ball hidden somewhere in the store. When I tried them on, I felt like I needed shiny lip gloss, knee socks and rolller skates to make the picture complete. I guess this is ok since I'll just be wearing t-shirts over them anyway.

Listening to "Make Me Bad"......

Pain level: 8
Fatigue level: 9

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