Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sleep-related injury?? 

This is almost too weird to be believed. You know how people will sometimes wake up with a stiff neck and say, "I must have slept on it wrong"? Well, I did that with my left hip.

Woke up yesterday morning lying on my left side with a horrible pain in my hip. All I can figure is that either I had a violent twitch in my sleep that caused me to kick my whole leg, or that I had my leg twisted at an odd angle and slept on it that way. I was probably on it for quite some time because I am rarely able to roll over in my sleep....I have to wake up at least partially and then roll over.

I tried tennis ball massage on the hip before I went to aquacise. I did careful stretching of it in the class, but it just did not respond. Here I am a full day later, and it is not much better.

The next step I guess is muscle relaxants and moist heat. I think it will probably fade away as I continue my normal activity level. Still, how many people injure themselves in their sleep?!?

Had an incident in aquacise yesterday: a worse than usual episode of dizziness (I have frequent vertigo), and this was accompanied by disorientation and sweating. I've had two prior episodes in the past week: one caused me to veer into a wall. The other caused me to fall at my dad's house (luckily I fell onto a couch, but not before jamming my finger).

The class instructor told me to check my glucose levels to see if they were too low. They were normal. Tomorrow when I work out, I will test before and after just to make sure there's no problem.

If this happens again, I will call the primary care doc's office. I'm pretty sure it's just an escalation of my Sjogren's symptoms or the fibromyalgia, but these days, I've just got too many symptoms to sort out. It's getting frustrating.

Went to another diabetes class this afternoon. Things are starting to make more sense now. I have two classes next week, and then there will be one more to schedule after that.

I have promised myself I will not leave the house tomorrow or the next day. I want to rest as much as possible before my return to work on Monday. I might have a friend over to watch a movie, though.

So, while I am frustrated with my body right now, I am trying to keep my spirits up. Dan found a job opening in a neighboring town, and I told him to go for it. If he can find something with comparable pay, I would be willing to move where it's a little cheaper (at least I hope it's cheaper) so it would be less scary if I had to apply for disability.

Pain level: 8
Fatigue level: 7

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