Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Testy testing..... 

Ok, I have taught myself to use a glucose meter. Took several tries because I simply do not bleed easily, even when I use the medium lancet setting and test on the sides of my ring and middle fingers where where are no callouses. No wonder medical staff have such a difficult time drawing my blood for lab work.

And even though many people with diabetes told me that the testing wouldn't hurt, I have to disagree. I found it hurt quite a bit, but I'm sure the fibromyalgia is the reason for that. I guess it's just something I'll have to get used to.

The good news is that my glucose levels are excellent! I'm testing both right before and then an hour to two hours after a meal, and the number is only going up an average of 20 points so far. I will try this for awhile with different types of meals so I can get an idea if I've got any problem foods.

So I can relax a bit knowing the meds and diet are working. I should probably check sometime after a workout to see if I have problems with the glucose dipping too low after exertion. And I might check my numbers at work when I go back.

I am scheduled to return to my job on Monday. I'm going back whether I feel better or not because a whole new system is being installed and I'm missing out on training for the new procedures. If I stay out much longer, my entire job will be different when I come back.

I finally got through to my sleep specialist after three weeks of leaving messages. She wants to see me in person to review my meds for the periodic limb movement disorder since nothing we've tried has helped. The earliest appointment I could get was April 14.

I'm still hoping we'll find a med that gets rid of my night-time twitches so I can get some real sleep. If that happens, it's still possible that I could start feeling good enough to keep working indefinitely. If not, I'll probably have to go on permanent leave at some point.

Finally filled out all the info to get a medic alert bracelet. It will be engraved in purple.

Too tired to add any more.

Pain level: 7
Fatigue level: 9

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