Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blizzard pix and much more.... 

When I woke up yesterday morning, it had finally quit snowing, and I was surprised to see that it was already melting. Chip D. Dog helped me survey the damage, and I took some photos of the experience. Here's a link:

Blizzard 2005

Dan's flight was delayed more than two hours. I drove around the airport for 40 minutes before he showed ( for security reasons, they won't let you park and wait at the arrival area). He injured his back helping his parents move, so he stayed home from work last night to ice it and take some muscle relaxers.

With Dan's plane coming in so late, I only had time to get to one of my docs' offices to request that they fax medical records to the disability insurance company. It turned out to be just as well because in the mail was another letter from them. They extended my benefits, but only through the end of next week, and they want MORE evidence to prove I am still too sick to work. So this morning after I saw the dentist, I went to the ENT's office and dropped off a copy of the new letter.

The dentist said that I likely need a root canal, but filed down one of the new fillings (it's porcelain) just a bit so that my bite would be a little more natural. That helped some. Luckily, I don't have an active infection. I have an appointment for a week from tomorrow....if I'm still experiencing sensitivity in that tooth, they'll do the root canal with a crown to follow three weeks later. Yikes.

Here's something interesting....I was worried about my jaw muscles becoming sore from the dental appointment, so I took a Skelaxin (a non-sedating muscle relaxant) right after I woke up so that it would kick in before the appointment. I think the Neurontin I took before bed was still in effect at that time. I am pleased to report that my pain level dropped considerably, probably a combination of the meds, the warm sunny weather and the massage therapy I had at 11am. Nice to get a break. Of course, the Neurontin has worn off now, as has the Skelaxin, so the pain is creeping back in. Too bad I can't take Skelaxin more often (causes stomach upset if I take more than a few doses) because it really does help with the muscle pain and stiffness. But even a short time off from the pain is a good mood booster.

Dan found out that Hallmark Cards in Kansas City is hiring graphic artists. I'm encouraging him to apply and have promised to help him pick out 10 of his portfolio samples. He's not sure he has enough quality ones to send in as they want 10-15. But he sounds like a very good fit for the job description, so what would it hurt to apply?

So tempted to go back to bed. Getting up at 7am for an appointment throws off my whole day energy-wise. But I think I'll push through the sleepies and see if I can't get something done and prolong this good mood.

Pain level: 5
Fatigue level: 9

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