Monday, April 11, 2005

Not again! 

First Vioxx was pulled from the market last year because of heart-related side effects. Now the same fate has befallen Bextra. Next will probably the third drug in that class, Celebrex.

One thing that really annoys me about all of this are the glib reporters on the news that keep saying there are lots of alternatives to Bextra. Obviously none of the reporters have arthritis. Don't they think arthritis patients have already tried all the safer alternatives?

I went on Vioxx last year after I'd gone through eight less effective (or in most cases, completely ineffective) anti-inflammatories. I had no problems with it and was bummed when I had to give it up. I went on Bextra next.....not as effective, but still helpful enough to keep me mobile.

Now I've got to call the rheumy tomorrow and ask him what I should replace the Bextra with. I'm willing to go on Celebrex until it gets pulled since that drug class seems to help me the most. If not Celebrex, I think I'm up a creek because I've tried everything else.

I know they're trying to protect us. But look at what meds are given for autoimmune diseases, like prednisone or the anti-cancer drugs. Those are more dangerous than the cox-2 drugs, yet they are not pulled from the market because they know lives depend on them....all the cox-2 drugs give us is quality of life.

I too would settle for a black box warning. And I'm EXTREMELY tired of those Aleve commercials! All NSAIDS pose at least some health risks, yet it seems Aleve is trying to gloss over that.

Ok, I think I'm done ranting now.

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