Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Surfacing for a moment..... 

I haven't really been hiding, even though it may seem like it. Have been cleaning when I can because some friends are coming to visit on Thursday. Don't know how much more I'll get done, but at least I have a path cleared now.

Found a place that would rent me a wheelchair for the weekend (I'm going to a huge three day convention) at a decent price. It should fold pretty easily and fit into the trunk of our car. This should be an adventure because I've never ridden in a wheelchair outside of a hospital or surgery situation.

Wish I could say I've recovered from last week's root canal, but unfortunately, that hasn't happened. I got an infection last weekend and am on antibiotics, AND I have the TMJ reaction from Hades, honestly the worst I've ever had. And still have pain in the tooth....I thought that was supposed to go away after a root canal???

Had to do quite a bit of hunting to find a good doc to treat my periodic limb movement disorder after my previous doc ran out of ideas. Saw my ENT last week for a hearing checkup (still losing hearing on the left), and he suggested a neurologist he knew. Called for an appointment, and I can't get in until JULY 20, but they were nice enough to put me on a cancellation list.

So I'm ouchie and grouchy. I'm hoping the headache/TMJ/toothache lets up before our friends arrive so we can all enjoy the weekend.

Pain level: 9
Fatigue level: 8

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