Friday, April 08, 2005

Unexpected help..... 

Had a doc appointment today. Had to drive myself because Dan's in South Dakota helping his parents move. Didn't think it would be any big deal.

Got to the office on time, but all the parking spots were taken, including handicapped. So I went to the lot for the next building over....same story. And the lot for the next building after that.

There aren't any more lots within walking distance, so I drove around the largest lot a few times. Finally, a space opened up in the far corner of the lot. This had me about three blocks from the doc's office, and late to boot!

I began walking as fast as I could, which is about one-forth the speed of a healthy person. A guy on oxygen passed me! Before I'd even gotten out of the lot, I was running out of steam fast.

Then a man heading back to his vehicle asked if he could give me a ride. He was going to pick up his wife at the hospital, which is one building past the one I was headed to. Ignoring my usual rule about not riding with strangers because this guy seemed really genuine, I accepted.

I got dropped off at the front door so I could use what little energy I had left getting to the third floor office. I thanked the man several times for his generosity. I guess sometimes I'm really, really lucky.

Pain level: 7
Fatigue level: 9

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