Sunday, April 17, 2005

Whirlwind of activity.... 

Went to a baby shower yesterday. My stepbrother's wife is due in just a few weeks. She's expecting a girl. At least 40 people were there. She received an amazing amount of clothes.....her daughter's gonna be the best dressed baby I've ever seen. I got her a Snugli, one of those baby carriers that looks like a backpack that either men or women can use. After the party, we went up the street to my stepbrother's house to check out the baby's room. It's all ready for the new arrival, and very cute.

When I got home, Dan and I decided to drive to a neighboring town where Dan had applied for a job and check out the housing situation. The town looks like a very nice place to live, but there are no existing homes for sale to speak of. The new single family homes being built are nearly the same price as what we have now. Unless Dan is offered significantly more money than he's making now, we'll have to move to a less expensive place. But there are plenty of condos and townhomes because this is a college town. We took a peek at one of the condo developments being built. They are nice and a good price, but I think they would be a bit too small for us.....they are about one-third smaller than our house. If we decide to go up there again, I would take a look at something larger.

This afternoon, we are getting together for a belated birthday celebration for my dad. Last week was his birthday, but the blizzard forced us to delay our plans. I hope the restaurant we are going to will be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions.

I need to get some cleaning done as Dan's parents are coming to Colorado for a relgious conference next weekend. I've done some scrubbing on the downstairs reasonably recently, so it won't take too much to tidy it up again. But I really need to tackle the command center and the rest of the upstairs.

The weekend after that, we have some friends coming for the StarFest convention. It's a three day event for sci-fi, horror and other genre enthusiasts. William Shatner will be there on the third day....I look forward to meeting him. I will need to either borrow or rent a wheelchair, though, because there is no way I'm going to be able to do all the standing and walking required.

Right in the middle of StarFest there is a Sjogren's fundraiser I'd committed to several months ago. It's a one or two mile walk. If I do obtain a wheelchair for the StarFest, I'll use it at the charity walk too.

Looking at housing has made me realize that if I end up having to move suddenly for Dan's job, I'd better start cleaning out closets, cabinets and other cluttered areas now. There are fewer things I hate worse than moving absolutely everything because there was no time to de-clutter first. I know if I look under the kitchen and bathroom sinks I'll find stuff that hasn't been used in the seven years we've lived in our current residence. And do I really need a laundry basket full of ancient t-shirts that no longer fit? If we end up moving across the country, we'll have to sell furniture too. Yikes.

At least I won't be bored. Like I ever am anyway.

Pain level: 6
Fatigue level: 7

You might want to pick up a copy of his CD, HAS BEEN, for him to sign when you meet him... it's actually a really good album, produced by Ben Folds - the cover of Blur's "Common People" is a modern classic.

L. Rob Hubbard
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