Tuesday, May 10, 2005

browser life since Starfest.... 

Hard to believe over a week has passed since the convention ended. And my zombie-like post-convention state continues. Rats.

The day after Starfest was over (Monday the 2nd), it was all I could do to drag my butt out of bed long enough to return the rental wheelchair. I dozed off in the car both on the way there and back. Good thing Dan was driving. I can't remember for sure, but I think I went back to bed while Dan and Greg and Angie did some shopping, or something along those lines. I think that was also the day I got some health insurance issues straightened out. For some reason, the company was declining coverage on all the diabetes classes I took, even though I had pre-registered for the classes and they won't let you take them if you aren't covered. For awhile there, it looked like I was gonna have to cough up $1000 or more. Whew. That evening, I actually cooked supper.....herbed rotisserie chickie, gluten free mac and cheese and green beans. And while Dan, Greg and Angie played poker, I edited my Starfest pix so I could get them on a disc for Greg and Angie to take home. Afterward, I watched the rest of the "Invasion Iowa" tape. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Tuesday the 3rd, Greg and Angie headed back to South Dakota. Not sure of the time....I tried to get up to say goodbye, but I was so wiped out as to be incoherent, so it's probably just as well. Had a massage/chiropractic appointment at 11am, but the message therapist called in sick, so I just did the chiropractor and re-scheduled the massage for Friday. Did moist heat and ultrasound before getting adjusted, which helped. Then I had a rheumatologist appointment at 1pm. There wasn't a lot new to discuss, but I did tell him how much the wheelchair helped me at the convention, which he found very interesting. And I told him about the neurologist appointment I've got July 20 to get a second opinion on treatment for the periodic limb movement disorder. He agreed that whether or not I return to work will probably hinge on the outcome of that. Got home and was going to take a shower, but I suddenly was overwhelmed with weakness and exhaustion, almost to the point of collapse. I made it to the bed and the next thing I know, three hours had passed. Don't remember what else I did that day.

On Wednesday the 4th, aquacise class was cancelled, so I did 20 minutes on the Gazelle machine instead. Then I decided since the weather was nice for the first time in a week that I would pull weeds in the backyard. Got out there with my gloves, a dandilion digger, a cushioned mat to sit on (I can't kneel or crouch because of the arthritis) and my ancient boombox with an Adam Ant cassette in it and was all set to completely spiff up the yard. But after just half an hour, my joints were screaming in my hands and elsewhere and I felt like I would faint, so I had to come in and take a break. After camping on the couch for another half an hour, it became apparent that I wouldn't be able to do anymore, and I dragged myself upstairs and collapsed on the bed again. Woke up about three hours later not feeling much better and didn't improve the rest of the day.

Thursday the 5th, I had an appointment with the opthalmologist because I'd lost a plug in one of the lower lids and was having a lot more trouble with my eyes in general. He said my eyes looked infected due to allergies and drier than on my last visit but nothing too gruesome yet. He replaced the lost plug (I realllly dislike that procedure) and put me on some steroid drops to clear up the infection. He also had me start on Restasis, a prescription dry eye treatment that Janine Turner does ads for. It takes about a month of use before it starts to work. I made another attempt at yardwork that afternoon with essentially the same results as the previous day. I guess I should just plan to work on the yard daily in 30 minute increments since I don't have the stamina for more.

On Friday, I got a full hour massage on my neck and jaw muscles in the hopes of relieving the TMJ agony. The muscles were locked up tighter than a vise and didn't loosen a great deal in that hour, but I experienced a decrease in pain for the first time in two and a half weeks, a major accomplishment. And for the first time since the root canal, I could eat without experiencing a domino effect of pain throughout my face and head, only local pain in two teeth (yep, I think I need a second root canal). I'm having a crown done tomorrow that will require another hour and a half of work, so I've scheduled a follow-up massage on the 16th.

Saturday, I tried to run some errands even though I was feeling quite awful. I'd done a Gazelle workout, and it seemed to have sucked all the life out of me. I managed to pick up heartworm medication for the dog, my two eyedrop prescriptions from the pharmacy and a silk rose at the craft store to take to the cemetery on Mother's Day. Then I tried to catch up on e-mails and some other stuff on the computer. That evening, I went to the grocery store with Dan, and I was feeling a bit better until I'd been shopping for about 20 minutes. Then suddenly, my body decided to crank the fatigue AND pain
volume to 11, and finishing the shopping became a feat akin to climbing Mt. Everest. I fear I'm going to have to cave in and start using motorized carts in the store because I can no longer guarantee I'm not going to collapse otherwise.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Even though I've gotten used to being without my mom and I think I cope with all the other holidays pretty well, Mother's Day still gets to me. The weather was gorgeous, so at least going to the cemetery wasn't too much of an ordeal. I hadn't been there in a year....it seems every time I'd planned to go I had a doctor's appointment or some other conflict. The lilac bushes at the cemetery were blooming....I took some blossoms with me. I decided I didn't want to go home and wallow in the misery of missing Mom, so I headed to a theatre on that end of town to watch "Fever Pitch". Problem was, when I got there, that theatre was playing "XXX" in Spanish in its place. There were other theatres showing the movie, but not for a few hours or so. I went back home and asked Dan if he wanted to go with me to a later showing, and he agreed. I found the movie a delight and exactly the diversion I'd been craving. I highly recommend it, especially if you're a big baseball fan.

Today was another typical weekday for me with an aquacise class, a few feeble attempts at errands and yardwork (I did manage to fertilize the front yard) and phone calls. And the typical collapse on the couch with intermittant breaks for making meals. Is my whole summer going to be like this?

I've been typing too long.....my left arm is going numb. Need to try for some sleep before my dental procedure tomorrow anyway. Sigh.

Pain level: 6
Fatigue level: 9

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