Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Chip hip update..... 

Chip, the world's most spoiled English springer spaniel, is having a tough time right now. He has severe hip dysplasia, bone spurs and arthritis. He was having trouble getting up recently, so we tried a new anti-inflammatory to see if it would help more than the old one. Not only did he get better, the past few days, he's been WORSE. So we called the vet yesterday. The vet wants us to try one more anti-inflammatory. If this one doesn't help, the next step would be injections, which are a bit pricey but probably more effective. I'm guessing they're similar to cortisone shots for people with arthritis?? I just hope he's not in a lot of pain.....he hasn't been crying or anything, but the only time he has done that was when his hip seized up and he couldn't move at all. Part of me wonders if he's just slowing down because of his age? But he's only seven. I really hate the thought of him suffering for any reason.

Speaking of anti-inflammatories, I should call my rheumatologist's office tomorrow and ask if I can try a new med. I am using up the last few Lodine in the bottle, and I honestly can say there's very little pain reduction going on. I'm going to suggest switching to Mobic or Celebrex....they're the only two I haven't tried that I think might help.

Got my half hour of yard work in this afternoon. It was nice and comfortable outside, about 60 degrees, so I was able to work in the sunny areas of the yard. I wish I could stay out there longer and actually get something significant accomplished instead of having to go out there repeatedly and only pull a few weeds each time. There were lots of robins and sparrows visiting today....maybe they were looking for worms because it rained last night? Or maybe they'd heard how funny Chip looks when he's rolling in the grass on his back and decided to see for themselves. My tiny lilac bushes smell sooooooo good....wish the blossoms would last forever.

Have some copies of my new alarm documents to send to my homeowner's insurance company, and then I'll be all caught up with that. I like being able to set and disarm the alarm from any part of the house as well as having a "panic button" in case of emergency.

Called my podiatrist's billing department....they were the ones who sent my account to a collection agency. They claim that they sent me a bill in January 2004 that was never paid, and that they sent me susequent notices that were ignored. I know better....I would NEVER ignore a bill, and I know I NEVER got notices about an unpaid debt! But if I don't pay the collection agency, it will be reflected in my credit rating, and that's the last thing I need to have happen. So I'll pay the damned thing even though I think that billing office screwed up. Chaps my hide, it does.

Did the responsible middle-aged woman thing and made an appointment to get my mammies grammed on Tuesday. Reminds me of a hilarious e-mail I got on that topic that I should dig up and post. And that reminds me: I've sort of gotten out of the habit of doing Raves of the Day. I've just been too out of it to post more than one blog entry per day. I think I'll maybe try for Raves a couple of days a week?

Been slowly compiling my info for Social Security. Have been debating with myself just how far back in my medical history I should go and how many doctors and tests to list. The further back I go, the more irrelevant stuff will be available to Social Security along with the relevant stuff. But if I only go back to when I was diagnosed with the Sjogren's, I might not provide enough evidence of the fibromyalgia since that was diagnosed three years prior to the Sjogren's. Now I understand where a lawyer would come in handy, but most won't let you hire them until AFTER you've applied and been rejected. Nerve wracking.

Saw the big $2 million tournament on "Jeopardy" today. Ken Jennings got beaten! Ack! My hero has been overthrown! He was a very good sport about it, though, and still won half a milion for coming in second. Oooh, what I could do with $500,000.....

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