Saturday, May 28, 2005

Close call... 

Dan was taking me to pick up a prescription. We were going through a busy intersection with a green light. A car coming from the other direction pulled into the left turn lane and slowed down as if waiting for us to go through (he didn't have a turn arrow or anything).

But then this car DIDN'T stop, instead speeding up and heading right for our driver's side door! Dan had to slam on the brakes, and I'm amazed we weren't hit. The ignoramus in the other car had the audacity to looked ticked at US.

Aside from being rather startling, stopping short like that caused me to involuntarily jerk my neck at a funny angle. Nothing really awful, but I felt a twinge right away. While we were in the pharmacy, I started getting spasms in the left side of my neck, in the front.

When we got home, I put ice on my neck. While I was doing this, the back of the neck started twitching too. Now, an hour and a half later, my left arm and rib cage are joining in.

Good ol' fibro....one tiny neck spasm turns into a circus. I think I'll take a Skelaxin and see if I can't get things to calm down. And more ice in another half hour or so.

If I behave myself tonight and take it easy, I'll probably feel fine tomorrow. But it's very aggravating to be so fragile. Imagine if we'd actually been hit?

On the positive side of things, I got a GREAT deal while doing a little shopping today before the near-miss. I found a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts both on sale, and I had a $10 off coupon, so the final cost including tax was less than the regular price of either item. I like this store because the women's department is right by the exit door, so very little walking involved.

And the weather today was GORGEOUS! Lots of irises in bloom, and our lilacs still have a few blossoms left. Spring is rare here....we usually go right from snow to summer.

Have made some real progress on gathering info in case I have to apply for Social Security. I won't know until at least July whether I'll be returning to work, but if I don't end up going back, I want to have everything ready to apply right away. I've already been off work since February, so I'd be eligible for benefits starting in August.

I got an adorable birth announcement today featuring a photo of my latest niece. When I get the chance, maybe I'll scan it and some pix of my year-old niece as well.

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