Monday, May 23, 2005

The good, the bad, and the ouchie.... 

Went to my make-up aquacise class Friday morning. Didn't think a third class in the same week would be noticeably more tiring, but it was. Did help with those muscle spasms I'd been getting in my mid-back, though.

Tried to do the edging in the front yard Friday afternoon but was having a hard time. Dan saw me struggling and offered to do it himself on the weekend. I agreed to let him and instead sprayed weed killer on the cracks in the driveway.

Watched the Muppets' version of "Wizard of Oz" Friday night. It was pretty hilarious. Ashanti played Dorothy, Queen Latifah was Aunt Em, David Alan Grier was Uncle Henry, Kermit was Scarecrow, Gonzo was the Tin Thing, Fozzi Bear was the Cowardly Lion, and Miss Piggy was all four witches. My favorite part was where they cut away from the action so Quentin Tarantino can pitch a fight scene to Kermit.

Yesterday, I skipped the yard work because I didn't want to overdo it. Actually went shopping with Dan for a little bit; I decided to make it a priority to buy bras since I was still wearing the same ones from when I was 40 pounds heavier, and they were so stretched out that I'd gotten a rash from the straps sliding around. Dan was nice enough to drop me off near the front door of the two stores we went to so I could save a bit of energy for being in the store. It took forever to find a style that fit, and there were only three left in my size at the first store, which is why I had to go to a second store for three more. I also saw some nice dresses on sale near the entrance; I tried on a few looking for something to wear to my sister's wedding, but none of them fit. I guess I don't have the figure for a cute summer dress, but I don't want to wear anything that looks like it belongs on the mother of the bride either.

Well, that little expedition knocked the wind out of me, so we stopped at Qdoba (California style Mexican food) for supper before heading home. We got our security system at the house upgraded, which took a lot longer than I was anticipating, but I think I'll like the new version a lot better. It has remote operation so I won't have to go to the panel to arm or disarm it, and if I have an emergency, I won't have to get to the phone as the monitoring company will be able to hear me directly from the panel no matter where I am in the house. It can't be disabled by someone cutting the phone line outside, either. The main reasons I did the upgrade are that it adds to the value of the house should we have to sell it, and it will give us a bigger discount on our homeowner's insurance.

By the time the installation was done, I was pretty much toast mentally, so I zoned on the couch and watched SNL. Lindsey Lohan was ok, I guess. Mostly I was interested in seeing Coldplay. They did two songs off their upcoming album, and both were pretty good. Unfortunately, the current cast is really hit or miss with the skits.....it's almost guaranteed that anything featuring Horatio Sanz is going to suck. But Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on Weekend Update are really good, so all is not lost.

Today I tried a little more yardwork after my 20 minutes on the Gazelle machine. It was hotter than an oven outside, so I tried to just pull weeds in the back yard in the shade. When I did venture into the sunny area, I got sweat in my eyes and started feeling light headed, so I had to come in.

I was almost out of my thyroid medication, so I went and picked up a refill this afternoon. Dan and a friend and I had decided we wanted to see "Star Wars" later tonight, so while we were out in the afternoon, we went ahead and bought the tickets. Turned out we needn't have worried....there were lots of people in the theatre, but it was by no means sold out, I think because we were there while the season finales of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Desperate Housewives" were airing.

Ok, about Episode III: it erased the bad taste I had in my mouth from parts 1 and 2. Did it measure up to the original (Part 4)? Of course not. The 1977 release had humor that none of the other "Star Wars" movies ever matched. And of course none of them contained great acting.....I knew better to expect that from Episode III. But I must say I enjoyed most of the visuals, particularly the fully CG Yoda. I liked the quad light sabers wielded by Grievous and the gyroscope-type vehicle he tried to escape in. I liked the lightning effects in the battles with the chancellor. And Anakin actually does enough villainous deeds to fully deserve what happens to him. I was satisfied.

One bummer about tonight: I'm off my anti-inflammatory per doc's orders, and I HURT. The joint stiffness is not worse, which surprised me, but pain with movement is up a bit, and pain at rest is WAY up. Now, it could be because I did yard work and then sat at a long movie, but I suspect the elevated pain level may continue as long as I'm off the Lodine. Hope not. I'm going to aquacise tomorrow, so I'll probably get a better idea then whether the med was helping very much.

Next week is probably one of the quietest weeks I've had since I went on leave from work.....I only have one medical appointment. I need to catch up on some business on the phone (scheduling some routine checkups, resolving some insurance boo boos, disputing something that has gone to collection when I never received a single bill on it), so I should finally have time for these things. And get some Social Security research done.

I ache soooo much in my joints right now, so much that I'm afraid it will interfere with sleep. Only one way to tell for sure, I guess. Goodnight.

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