Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How Chip tried to do me in and other unpleasant adventures..... 

Didn't sleep well Sunday night, so I stayed in bed awhile yesterday to see if I could catch some more productive zzzzzs. Don't know if this was a good idea or not as when I woke up, my arms were numb from the elbow down. I get this from time to time, but usually it's either just one arm or it passes quickly. Not this time. I really felt odd. I had to ask Dan to help me out of bed.

Much to my surprise, when I tried to stand, my legs were also numb from the knee down. Not 100 percent numb....it was more like when you sit on your foot wrong and it goes to sleep. I could tell where my feet were, but they had the "just waking up" sensation throughout, which is pretty uncomfortable. I began to shuffle carefully toward the bathroom, and Dan went into the hall.

Chip saw me up and about and ran toward me. I think his new anti-inflammatory must be helping him feel better, because he came at me like a freight train. Usually, he stops in front of me and sits so I'll pet him, but this time, he head butted me! Bounced his thick skull right off my pubic bone! OMG! I started to fall backward and caught the chest of drawers and hung onto it for dear life. I was overcome with weakness and dizziness and was certain I was going to faint. I waited for the feeling to pass and when it didn't completely, I staggered over to the bed and collapsed there for I don't know how long.

Eventually, Dan noticed I hadn't taken a shower and came over and helped me up again. He volunteered to drive me to the cemetery, which was a good thing because I didn't trust my arms or legs very much. They stayed sort of tingly the whole time I was getting ready to go.

I promised Dan I wouldn't take very long at the cemetery. It turned out to be really easy to keep that promise because the weather was poopy. With the rain and wind, the temperature was probably only 40 degrees. I had a very hard time negotiating the uneven grass on unreliable legs to get to my mom's plot. By this time, the tingling areas were coming and going at random alternating with brief intense pain. Reminded me of a light bulb shorting out. Plus I felt weak.

Then we went to a nearby book store. I like these because they have chairs. I was able to pick up something that interested me, have a seat and then wait for Dan to finish looking at the magazines.

On the way home, we got some chili from Wendy's. It's one of the few gluten-free, non-fried items available at a fast food restaurant. And it tastes great.

Dan had to work the holiday, and since my arms and legs were still acting weird, I decided to stay off the computer and just watch movies on the couch. I saw "The English Patient" (long but good once it finally gets going), "Monster" (fascinating), and "Mean Girls" (I LOVE this one!). While the movies were playing, I sorted through some scrapbooks.

Had my alarm set for 11am today, but I could not get out of bed until noon. The arms and legs were normal again, but Dan offered to drive me to get my mammogram today, and I accepted because I'm still feeling weak. The test was uneventful except for my chest being sore afterward. Had a nice chat with the technician about Sjogren's.

Needed to go to the post office to get some extra postage for an oversized package and a roll of stamps. When we got there, though, the line was HUGE! I was going to have to stand around for at least an hour. I asked Dan to take me to another one. This one also had a long line, but it moved quickly, and I only had to stand about 15 minutes. One the way back to the car, I inadvertantly stepped in some gum. Ewwwwww! Got it on both shoes, the car and my pant leg. WHY do people have to spit their gum on the street?? I'm sooooo grossed out by that.

Left a message with the rheumatologist's office asking for a prescription for a new anti-inflammatory. I suggested Mobic but will of course go with whatever the doc recommends. I probably won't hear anything back until at least Thursday.

I've developed burning pain from my elbows down while typing this, and my feet are getting a bit tingly again. I'm not gonna bother to tell a doc unless it gets very bad or lasts more than 24 hours without change. I've gone through all the tests for this, and the only thing the docs were able to figure out to do for it last year was high dose prednisone, which works, but is too risky to use for anything except emergencies. Such is my life.

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