Monday, May 30, 2005

Quiet rainy Sunday..... 

Woke up with my neck spasms gone, thank goodness. They did start up again a few hours ago, but not as bad as yesterday, so I just took a muscle relaxant and figure I'll be rid of the spasms completely tomorrow.

Did take it really easy today. Was gonna do some yard work, but it started to rain and has been doing so off and on all day. Dan and I were thinking about going to a movie, but Dan kept changing his mind and finally decided against it. So I read all the way through the Sunday paper with the TV on.

The season finale of "Desperate Housewives" was rerun last night, so I watched it because I missed it last week. Then the pilot aired tonight, and I watched that. Now I see why it's so popular....a lot of things make a lot more sense if you catch the show at the beginning. On Wednesday, they're gonna rerun the first episode of "Lost", and I'll see what that's all about since I heard it was good.

I also did something I haven't done in many years: I checked the TV guide for the week to plan what I want to see. There's a new show starting on Thursday called "Hit Me Baby One More Time", where old '80's bands see if they can make a comeback. Looks like it has the potential to either suck or be mildly entertaining, so I'll give it a shot. And at some point there's supposed to be a show about smart kids competing for a full ride scholarship at the college of their choice. I'm always in favor of people being rewarded for having brains, so I may take a look. Don't know when it airs, though.

Don't have any big plans tomorrow since Dan has to work. I'll go to the cemetery for awhile, and then maybe I'll work on some scrapbooking since I've had a pile of albums and pix sitting in the living room for a year and a half now. Bought some really cool vintage Hawaii stickers at the craft store the other day, so maybe that will motivate me. I've been really pushing myself to get the Social Security stuff done, but I figure even I deserve a break.

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