Saturday, May 28, 2005

Rave of the Day for May 28, 2005: 

Remember my discovery of the Not Done Living website? On it, I found a link to another site to living with severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitus (M.E.), known in the US as CFIDS. Please, if you care anything about chronic illness, take the time to read this woman's description of a typical day. It will move you to tears, and even though I am nowhere near as ill as she, trust me, she does not exaggerate.

She also has a GREAT page on daily living tips, especially for those who are bedridden. And she has gathered an amazing amount of very reputable documentation on M.E. from diverse sources. Most sites I've visited on CFIDS repeat the same vague stuff dispensed by the US government that make this illness sound benign and temporary. I thought I was well-educated, but I learned quite a lot about my own fibromyalgia just reading descriptions of many of the symptoms my doctors have ignored. Did you know there are scientific names for various types of cognitive dysfunction? That some people actually DIE of M.E.? That there are recorded OUTBREAKS of this?

A Hummingbird's Guide to M.E.

If nothing else, if you are healthy, this website will help you better appreciate your mobility and freedom from exhaustion.

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