Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Upside, downside..... 

Well, the good news is that my increased pain level last night was mostly from sitting too long at the movie after working in the yard. I have increased aching in my hands and feet today, but not a great deal more pain than usual. This is even after an aquacise class and 30 minutes of puling weeds today. The bad news is that probably means the Lodine wasn't doing squat for me as this is my second day without an anti-inflammatory. I'm gonna give it a few more days to make sure and then call the rheumatologist's office and ask if I can try someting else, like Celebrex or maybe Mobic. I definitely need better control over this arthritis if possible.

It was actually really pleasant being in the back yard today. Our lilac bushes are in bloom, and they smell great! There are still a few monarch butterflies coming to visit. And Chip loves rolling around in the grass when I'm out there.....he looks silly and happy on his back with all four feet in the air. I'm making slow progress getting the weeds out of the gravel areas....after I clear out a section, I spray it with vinegar to discourage the weeds from coming back. I won't use chemical sprays in the back yard because Chip spends so much time out there. I think it's time to get the captain's chairs out of the garage and read a few chapters on the patio.

I only got one of my phone calls made today, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten the medical insurance to cover the diabetes classes. I just have to make sure I call the hospital tomorrow to tell them that the claims are being resubmitted.

Fell asleep on the couch for over an hour again tonight. I had my feet propped up, so it kept the edema down. Unfortunately, a short amount of time on the computer undid that just now. We've had about a week of unseasonably hot weather, and my feet are really swelling up. Right now the toes on the left foot are numb, and the top of the foot hurts from the skin getting stretched.

Need to take care of some paperwork regarding the security system. Need to inform the old service provider that I'm cancelling, let the permit office know I switched providers, fill out the warranty info, and tell my insurance agent that I upgraded my security system.

The longer I am gone from work, the harder it is for me to imagine how I'm going to manage going back. How is it that I got anything done while working 36 hours a week?

I'll ponder this while I go feed Chip.

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