Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why I don't need to watch gory horror movies.... 

Had a really gross dream last night. In it, I was in a hospital someplace waiting to either have a test or surgery. I think all the beds were taken....I was sitting in a wheelchair instead.

The doctor arrived and said she would have to do a very extensive injection. She put this enormous needle into the side of my left index finger, which was excruciating. The needle traveled up the hand, up the arm, down my side and into my hip, where it filled the entire hip cavity. The pain was huge, beyond description.

Suddenly, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom. I started to get up, and the doc yelled to stay seated. Too late! I began hemmorhaging, spouting blood everywhere. I nearly slid out of the wheelchair, slipping in all the blood. I noticed pieces of internal organs on the floor and thought they were kind of interesting until I realized they had come out of me.

I awoke in horrific pain, all along my left side just like in my dream. Turns out I'd been sleeping in one spot too long....I am unable to roll over in my sleep. And what woke me up was that I really did need to pee. It took me quite some time to make it to the bathroom because my left side was stiff and screaming in agony.

I'm pretty sure my brain thought up the hospital setting because I'd spent so much time before bed trying to remember dates and details of all the significant procedures I've had done since I got sick. Need to get all this in writing in case I apply for Social Security. What's scary is my imagination dreams up stuff far more horrible than would ever happen to me in real life.

Icky poo yuck.

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