Sunday, June 05, 2005

Finally some relief..... 

I think I've FINALLY found an adequate replacement for Bextra for my arthritis. I started Mobic this weekend, and my joint pain is down to about a 5 out of 10. Much better than my usual 8 or so. The muscle pain from the fibromyalgia is still quite high, but it may come down some if my joints stay consistently better for awhile.

Got ambitious and went to a scrapbook store today. Bought a new album for the family photos my aunt sends me....I'm gonna include the stories she sent me that go with the pix. My aunt is 82 now, and the only living relative that remembers my grandfather (he died in 1944), so those old photos and stories are precious to me. Also got page protectors for my wedding album and LOTS of adorable stickers. I found seashells and Disney stuff for my Florida pix, wildlife and wildflowers for the North Dakota photos, and baby girl art for the pix of my nieces. Gotta be careful in that store.....I could spend a fortune in a heartbeat if I'm not careful!

My sister's wedding is just seven weeks away! Her bridal shower is in two weeks. I have something to wear to the wedding (the dress I wore to my high school reunion three years ago), but I MUST do something with my hair, preferably getting it all the same color and a decent haircut. I'm debating whether I should go the economical route and risk another haircut from hell (I'm still trying to grow out the awful cut I got in March), or blow big bucks on something that I know I'll like.

No yard work today as it was pouring until mid-afternoon. I appreciate all the rain we're having, but the weeds are winning the battle for the yard. What's really frustrating is having to limit my time out there to 30 minutes to avoid injury (even so, I hurt myself again yesterday). Every time I go out there, more weeds have come up in areas I'd thought were done. What's sad is I know Dan could go out there and get the whole yard finished in about an hour and a half.

Yesterday before the big storms hit I ducked outside for a bit and figured I'd just grab the worst weeds really fast, so I didn't bother with gloves. Turns out the largest weeds have THORNS on them, not obvious ones like on rosebushes, but almost transparent spiny ones that break off and get under your skin before you even know what hit you. I considered going and getting the gloves, but the thunder was getting closer, so I called it a day. Just before I went in, though, I noticed a hawk flying over the house wayyyyyyy high up. He was probably scouting for field mice as we have some open space about a block away. With the clouds rolling in, he'd disappear for a bit and then reappear....kind of eerie. I wonder if hawks ever get hit by lightning?

Part of me wants to get up and do something because I hurt less than usual right now, but another part of me wants to do absolutely nothing except enjoy the lack of pain. Maybe I will tidy up the command center after I finish rounding up North Dakota photos. One of the really aggravating things about the CDs containing my 35mm photos is that the pix are NOT in chronological order. I saved money by having multiple rolls on one disc, but now I can't find shit.

Sometimes being a cheapskate is a hassle.

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