Friday, June 10, 2005

Hail, yeah! 

Awoke to a thunderstorm today, which is a rare thing here. Most of our storms hit about 4pm. Anyway, I didn't get up until 12:30pm this afternoon because I forgot to eat last night and had to stay up until 2:30am after I finally remembered my supper. I promised the neurologist that I wouldn't stay in bed 12 hours a day anymore....he wants me to get up no later than 10 hours after I've gone to bed, even if I haven't gotten good sleep and feel like I need to make up "lost" time. So I've been setting the alarm every day this week and forcing myself to get up no matter how shitty I feel. And I felt shitty today because the thunderstorm kept waking me up all morning.

Needed to run some errands, and it was already a late start, so I got ready as quickly as I could, which isn't very quickly considering the extent of my brain fog. Dan needed to go to a specific store, so I decided I'd pick up a few things there rather than waste time going to several places. The rain had stopped when we left the house, but I didn't like the look of the black clouds to the west, so I grabbed my raincoat just in case.

Dan went to the gas station first, and as we pulled up, it began to pour. While we were under the station's canopy, I put on the raincoat because the temperature had dropped considerably. I glanced to the south and saw the ominous gray-green clouds signalling impending hail. Rats.

The deluge hit the hardest when we were one block from the store. The hail was only pea-sized, but it was coming down sideways in torrents. Within only a minute, it was piling up like snow and the streets started to flood. Dan turned off the road and found some large evergreens he could park next to so that we were protected a bit from the hail. We had to yell to be heard above the roar of the storm. There was nothing to be done except wait for it to slow down.

When the hail stopped and the rain returned, we pulled into the store parking lot. I had to walk very carefully because the layer of hail on the ground was extremely slick. I was exhausted and out of breath by the time I got in the store despite the higher dose of Provigil I was on.

I had a horrible time remembering what I was after in the store because every time I went to say something to Dan, the PA system would come on, and it was so deafening that my mind would just go blank. I only found part of what I was after. As I was looking for something, I noticed the ceiling in the store was leaking. Dan contacted an employee so that someone could put down a bucket or something to collect the water and warn the customers about the wet slippery floor.

We had intended to go one other place this afternoon, but waiting out the storm and then not being able to find things in the store had taken so long that Dan had to take me back home and get ready for work. When we got home, our rain gutters were surrounded by piles of hail. I checked the back yard, and our poor baby bushes had taken a direct hit. The lilacs will probably make it, but I'm not so sure about the other ones.

I took a full dose of Provigil when I got up today. Oddly enough, it seemed no stronger than the half dose I took yesterday. It was enough to keep me from dozing off, but not enough to keep me from getting fatigued from the slightest effort. It did last longer than yesterday.....it wore off after seven hours versus yesterday's five and a half. I'm beginning to suspect that the periodic limb movement disorder is not the main cause of my fatigue after all. This smacks of a very nasty case of Sjogren's fatigue, and no one has figured out how to fix that yet. But I will stick with the Provigil for now and see what happens.

Better go make myself some gluten free waffles before I forget.

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