Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Hit" and miss..... 

Tonight I watched "Hit Me Baby One More Time". The artists were: The Knack, Haddaway, Tommy Tutone, The Motels, and Vanilla Ice. Like last week, the format is that each performs their biggest hit and then a cover of a recent chart topper.

The Knack did a good job with "My Sharona", very energetic and fun, so I was looking forward to their cover of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" The band sounded great, and I was really getting into it, and then the lead singer couldn't hit the high note! Ack! Ruined it for me.

Haddaway sounded great on "What Is Love", but then he said he was gonna do a cover of a Britney Spears song. I was ready to either hurl or cover my ears, but his version of "Toxic" was actually good! He sings well, and he made the lyrics believable. I was impressed enough to pick him as the night's winner.

Tommy Tutone did their only hit, "867-5309 Jenny", and were pretty good, really enjoying themselves, so when they announced they were gonna do Blink 182's "All the Small Things", I was psyched. Like the Knack, the band sounded awesome on the cover, but the lead singer's voice didn't quite do justice to the lyrics and made it kinda discordant. Bummer.

The Motels did a fine job of "Only the Lonely". Martha Davis can still hold her own, and I was rooting for the only female singer of the night. Their choice for a cover, Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why", intrigued me. But they turned it into an uptempo rock song, which doesn't suit the lyrics at all. Disappointing.

Vanilla Ice did "Ice Ice Baby" naturally. The best thing I can say about him is he has nice tatts on his arms. He basically screamed the words, and it just sounded dated to me. His choice was another screamfest version of Destiny Child's "Survivor". He was the only artist of the night that 100 percent sucked.

And guess who won? Vanilla Ice! The audience wouldn't know taste if it bit them in the ass. I have a feeling it's gonna be this way every week, that the rap or hip hop artist is gonna win. But I'm having too much fun watching the old '80's bands to stop tuning in.

I did figure out how to record video on our player, so I taped the show for Dan. The signal is kinda crummy, though, because it's the one that comes directly off the TV, and our reception at our house is lousy . The rabbit ears clean up the signal that we watch on the TV, but I guess we're a bit SOL with taping stuff. Of course, I haven't recorded anything in over a decade, so the tape I used was an old one circa late 80's, which could have contributed to the poor quality. I know, I should get with the program and get a DVR, but I don't really think I'd use the record feature enough to make it worth the money.

That's the report for tonight. Word to yo mutha......

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