Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Last minute appointment..... 

I've been sort of in idle mode medically speaking except for starting the Mobic. I've been waiting to see a neurologist to get a second opinion on whether or not I have any treatment options for my periodic limb movement disorder. I called them in April, and the earliest available appointment was July 20.

I did, however, ask to be put on a cancellation list, and I got a call today. They have an opening for tomorrow afternoon! Now I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

I'm guessing this will be my last new doc before I decide whether or not to file with Social Security. If I can quit twitching in my sleep, maybe the fatigue and cognitive dysfunction will decrease enough for me to be able to work again. I could be wrong about this...the fibromyalgia and the Sjogren's may be just too much to overcome, but I want the chance to find out.

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