Thursday, June 09, 2005

Provigil, Day 2..... 

My neck feels better today....I think icing it kept it from getting too bad. The last time I wrenched my neck, it took three days to stop twitching even after icing it for 24 hours, and then the muscles stayed tight for another week until I got a massage on Tuesday. I just hope to God I'm never in another actual collision. Did I ever mention I've been in SIX injury accidents? Of course, it takes far less to injure me than the average person.

This Provigil is weird stuff. It only worked half as well for me today as yesterday, and the fatigue came flooding back after five and a half hours even though I did nothing tiring today. So tomorrow I will try the full 200mg pill and see what happens. In a few weeks, the neurologist wants me to take 200mg right after I wake up and another 200mg four hours later so I don't crash at my usual time, which is between 5pm and 6:30 (right during the news, lol). I hope that by taking two pills I won't have the fatigue hit me quite so hard when it returns. If I go back to work and start crashing as hard as I have tonight, there's no way I'm gonna make it through a shift.

Need to haul my exhausted butt off this here chair and feed myself. I think I need a forklift.

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