Friday, June 03, 2005

Stormy weather.... 

Today was a good day to stay inside. I did go out to the back yard briefly to pull weeds after my Gazelle workout this afternoon, but it was very windy, and within maybe 15 minutes I heard thunder, so I decided the weeds could wait another day. There has been an almost constant parade of thunder, lightning and rain since then.

Have been trying to track down photos from 2002-2005 I have on CD or somewhere on the computer. Am amazed how many there are; I'd forgotten about most of them. I'm gonna organize things by putting only the pix I want prints of on one disc so I can just hand it to the developer and ask for one of everything. I'm putting them in chronological order as I find them and am writing up descriptions so once they print out, all I have to do is put them with the prints I already have.

Watched a new show tonight called "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Aside from my dislike of the name (they got it from a Britney Spears song), the premise was straightforward enough: five artists who haven't had a hit in several years compete for money for the charity of their choice. Each artist performs their biggest song, then does a cover of a present day hit. The audience votes for a winner. Tonight's choices were: Loverboy, CeCe Peniston, A Flock of Seagulls, Arrested Development and Tiffany. Loverboy did "Working For the Weekend", and it was so so because Mike Reno's voice isn't quite as good anymore. But they did a very suprising cover of "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias that I actually liked. CeCe Peniston sang her 1991 hit "Finally" and sounded GREAT! Her cover of a Fatih Hill song was awesome, and she looked really comfortable onstage. She had my vote, but she didn't win. A Flock of Seagulls sucked. The lead singer was off key and totally flat! Their cover song was even worse. Ugh. Arrested Development performed "Tennessee" and an interesting interpretation of "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys. They won. And Tiffany did adequate versions of "I Think We're Alone Now" and a Kelly Clarkson song. One thing about her has certainly changed: she's no longer afraid to show a TON of cleavage! Next week, there will be five more artists. One of them will be The Knack.

Need to call Social Security to ask questions about some of the info they want for filing for disability. Also need to make copies of my supporting documentation, but I feel pretty prepared now in case I need to file next month. If only I could find the energy to tidy up the command center....I've got papers scattered everywhere!

The rheumatologist's office called this morning. I'm going to try Mobic for an anti-inflammatory. Hope this works as I'm tired of not having much arthritis relief.

Tomorrow I'm having a friend over for a mini movie fest. We're gonna watch "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and then "Bruce Almighty". As long as we're doing Jim Carey, "The Truman Show" would be good too, but I don't think I'm gonna have the energy for three movies.

Chip seems to be feeling better. He's spending more time playing in the yard. He's still probably less active than a dog who doesn't have arthritis, but at least he's not spending all his time in his crate like he was there for awhile.

Speaking of Chip, it's time for his meds.

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