Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tweaking my documentation..... 

Spend quite a bit of time tonight touching up the info sheet for Social Security, my daily activity report to give to my rheumatologist and the psychological profile I'm giving to my therapist. Added a paragraph about the hazards of looking healthy. Am quite surprised that I didn't think of this last night. Anyway, here's what I added:

One thing that absolutely makes coping more difficult is the fact that I appear very healthy on the outside. I am young looking, articulate, intelligent and only a few pounds over my ideal weight. Therefore, the general population and even a few doctors are surprised that I am ill and are occasionally disinclined to believe it. I am not saying that no one believes me, but I am saying that it is more difficult for me to be taken seriously than someone over 50 with my symptoms or someone who is obviously frail.

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