Saturday, June 04, 2005

Weather whirlwind..... 

Today (Friday) there was a whirlwind of activity around my house. Actually, it was very nearly a tornado. My neighbor and I watched as a huge mass of clouds right over us rotated but didn't completely form a funnel.

Then the rain started, huge drops that came so fast they hurt when they hit you. We retreated to my house as we were gonna have movie night, but the power was flickering, so we waited for things to calm down first. My bushes kinda took a beating, but fortunately no hail or flooding like there was just a few miles away.

The lightning was incredible. We had both the massive bolts shooting straight down and the cloud to cloud sideways kind. The bolts got so close to the house that they nearly struck the front yard.

We escaped unscathed compared to other parts of town, where power lines were struck down, hail piled up like snow and vehicles were washed away. Chip would rather it had not happened at all: he barked in panic at the thunder and wouldn't go near the windows when the lightning was flashing. He followed me everywhere with his nose behind my knee.....I guess maybe he thought I could scare the storm away?

Eventually it all did pass and we got to watch our movies. We're supposed to get more of the same type of storms tomorrow. I can't really object to the rain because it may finally bring us out of our drought.

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