Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hella hot...... 

It was 105 degrees again today. It has NEVER been this hot here before. Chip won't even come upstairs, just stays on his dog bed under the ceiling fan.

The forecast says it's gonna be 100 on Saturday when my sister gets married. My long dress and pantyhose won't help. I will lug my water bottle everywhere to make sure I don't get dehydrated.

I am declaring tomorrow a do-nothing day. I'm going to rest as much as possible so I might have some energy for the rehearsal on Friday and the ceremony on Saturday. I'll probably watch some DVDs.

Looks like I might finish copying the medical records tonight. Haven't heard back from my rheumatologist's office, so I hope they've already sent the disability insurance company the office notes from my last appointment. If so, I should be getting a letter from the company stating whether they are continuing my coverage. I know they take their sweet time about these things, so I don't expect anything to arrive before next week. I don't know if I have to fill out additional paperwork to make the transition from short-term disablity to long, but I'll probably find out soon enough as my short-term coverage ends August 1st.

I wanted to thank those of you who have been sending e-mails of support and replies on this blog. It does help to know that I'm not on this journey alone. You don't see or read much about people who are housebound or mostly so....it's like we're a secret underground society, long forgotten by the world at large. I told someone over the weekend that I feel like I've become invisible, that if it weren't for my computer and going to movies once a month, I would only exist in the eyes of my doctors and my husband. Sounds a bit melodramatic, I know, but chronic illness is very isolating, and as I must tighten the budget and eliminate any social activity that costs money, I'll be isolated even more. Sometimes the isolation isn't intentional, it's just that even the fun activities require more energy than I possess. So when I do leave the house, it has to be for something worthwhile. For the chronically ill or the disabled, the computer may be the only portal to the "real" world outside the home. Thank goodness I have access to so many awesome people.

Gotta good downstairs and cool off. Wish I had some ice cream......

Long dress - how long - long enough - forget the pantyhose! Knee highs baby! Kneehighs!!!
Linda from spoonville.
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