Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm melting.....melting..... 

If it gets any hotter here, I'm gonna catch fire! Today's reading of 105 is a record....the previous record for today was 100. And tomorrow, it's supposed to get to 102.

Unfortunately, I had to go out today to get an allergy shot. I feel all sluggish and weak. Maybe I should go take a nap in the freezer?

I'm hoping it will cool off some this weekend for my sister's wedding! Luckily, the chapel is air conditioned, but it will be standing room only. Thank goodness the ceremony will be at 6:30 and not mid-day.

Finally found myself a licensed clinical psychologist that takes my insurance. The first eight on my list were all out of network. I have an appointment with the new lady next week, which is good because I really need the help.

After that, my life will slow down considerably because I won't be going to any other new doctors, just doing checkups with my current docs. It will be the first time in several years that I won't have multiple weekly appointments. Dan will be happy to not have to chaffeur me as much.

"Pardon me while I burst into flames." --Incubus

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