Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Leadfoot busted..... 

I'm a self-confessed speed demon when I'm driving in non-residental areas. I live in a city where you'll be run over if you do the speed limit. I typically do 5 to 10 over the limit on a 55mph road.

I should have had Dan drive me around today, but I wanted to give him a break, so I drove myself to the chiropractor and then to two of my other docs' offices to drop off requests for records from my disability insurance company. All three are south of me, but aren't very close to one another, so it was more fatiguing than I was expecting. Plus, the extreme heat was getting to me.

So I wasn't quite as sharp as I should have been. I was on a road I don't travel on all that often. I thought all of it was a 55mph road, but it turns out I was wrong.

There's a section of that road that's only 45mph, and that's where the speed trap was. Two motorcycle cops were sitting at the entrance to a state park with their radar guns, and two more were hiding on a side road. I saw them well in advance and took my foot off the accelerator, but one had already clocked me going 60.

I was so surprised to find out I was going 15 mph over the limit and not just 5! The cop sort of smirked when he pointed out that the 55mph posting began a block south of where I was pulled over. Oh, well, I bet the driver of the semi in the lane next to me that was pulled over was surprised too.

I grumbled about this to the receptionist at the doc's office, and she told me the exact same thing had happened to her on the same stretch of road about a month ago. She got a notice in the mail letting her plea bargain the points on her license because she had a clean record. That might happen to me too since the last ticket I got was in 1993.

Dan wasn't quite as angry with me as I was expecting. He really doesn't like how fast I drive, and I know we really don't need the extra expense of a fine, either. But maybe I'll let him drive more often now.

Soooooo tired.......

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