Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mundane and not so mundane adventures...... 

Watched "Rock Star: INXS" last night. The Wednesday night shows are short, less than half an hour sometimes. All they do is tell you which three singers got the least amount of votes (yes, I voted online Tuesday night), have the best one from the previous night do an encore, and let the three worst contestants each sing once more to try to redeem themselves before the band eliminates one of them. Except that this time, the band couldn't decide between two singers, so they eliminated both of them, which shocked everyone. The girl with the butterfly tatts that I didn't like on Tuesday wasn't any better on the new song tonight. She was interesting to look at, but her sound was all wrong for the band. So I didn't mind at all that she was one of the people eliminated.

Apparently, there is a thyroid med shortage nationally. I tried to refill my Cytomel only to find out that my pharmacy doesn't have any and doesn't know when they'll get more. The only other store in town that had Cytomel only had half the amount I needed, but I went ahead and grabbed the two weeks' worth because I was completely out today. This happened awhile back with my Armour thyroid. I think there must be a huge influx of docs switching their patients from synthetically made thyroid hormone back to the natural stuff. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't do well on Synthroid.

Got back from getting my prescription to discover that Chip had helped himself to the ktchen trash again. This time, placing a shake can (empty can filled with pennies what makes a horrible racket when tipped over) didn't stop him. He just knocked it on the floor and dove in. He was after an empty bag of doggie dental bones, which he duly took in the back yard and shredded. But he also got into an empty frozen food container, lots of papers, and somehow, cranberry sauce. Ugh. I collected pieces of trash from the back yard while Dan scrubbed cranberry sauce off the hardwood floor and the carpet. Oh, and then we found crranberry sauce in his fur! Needless to say, that dog isn't being left unattended with a trash can ever again.

Finally heard back from the disability insurance company. The benefits coordinator called me and told me that I've been approved for the duration of my short-term coverage, which ends August 1st. So they owe me three weeks coverage. She added that she has verified my eligibility for long-term coverage and has passed along my info to their long-term division. I'll be getting a new benefits coordinator who will call me in a few weeks for a very extensive phone interview. She said I'll probably have to repeat a lot of the info I've already given them since this will be like starting over. I hate phone interviews because I have a lot of trouble thinking straight during conversation. I'm hoping they'll set up a specific time and that I can go over some notes or something to help me out. Want to get this underway and get going on the SSDI as well. And get my vacation pay my employer owes me.

Still not feeling up to par. I went to make a phone call in the bedroom tonight and fell asleep for over an hour instead. And the 90 plus degree temperatures are back, which doesn't help.

Am back to going through my digital pix to gather images for photo albums. I'm a little over halfway through my Hawaii pix. I'll be getting prints of those plus my pix of my sister's wedding as soon as I have the money (as soon as I get my backpay from the insurance company).

Dan found out last night that the agency is "only" laying off 16 people in our department. They originally wanted 18. No word yet on whether me not coming back would be included in one of the 16. It could save someone their job. This whole thing is asinine because Dan's already doing the work of four people. How do they expect to get the newspapers out with even fewer people? Dan's very burned out and is hoping he finds another job soon.

I'm trying to convince myself to not go back to bed and to have my usual egg and cream of rice before it gets too late in the evening. I'm not sure this is what I'd really call having a life, but it will have to do.

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