Monday, August 22, 2005

Crashing "Crashers".... 

Dan, a friend and I decided to see a movie but were having trouble picking out one, so Dan wrote down the names of a few on pieces of paper, put the pieces in a bag and let me draw one. I picked "Wedding Crashers". Then we did best two out of three, and I picked "Wedding Crashers" again, so we decided it must be our destiny.

The movie didn't really look that good from the trailers on tv, so I wasn't expecting all that much. I was pleasantly surprised. It was genuinely hilarious! I especially liked Jeremy's speech on dating, the bridesmaid cracking up during her sister's wedding vows, and Will Farrell's brief appearance as the wedding crashers' mentor. The John and Jeremy characters were jerks, but they were so funny that I found myself not minding. And they turned out to be fairly harmless compared to some of the characters that showed up later. Too bad most uninvited guests aren't so entertaining. And too bad Christopher Walken isn't really running for president.

There was other stuff I was gonna mention, but I'm having trouble organizing any more thoughts, so I guess I'll call it a night.

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