Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Must love Cusack.... 

Don't know why Roeper and Ebert disliked this movie so much. They gave "Must Love Dogs" two thumbs down. Is it the best romantic comedy I ever saw? Er, no. But I thought it did have a certain charm.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for John Cusack. Or maybe I was just in the mood for some light escapism. But the movie fit the bill for me. Cusack's character was intense and quirky, to be sure, but not farfetched. Of course, I DID date my share of artists, musicians and other creative types when I was single, so perhaps eccentric people seem a little more normal to me than they would to the average person.

And Diane Lane came across well as a cautious and reluctant newcomer to the dating scene. She's continually exasperated by her family, but with a family like hers, who wouldn't be? She's surrounded by well-intentioned lunatics who are all convinced they know what's best for her.

This is the first movie I've ever seen where a Newfoundland was prominently featured. Very expressive dog (or dogs I should say, because I'm sure they used more than one), and cuddly even though she's about the size of a grizzly bear. There was also a Westy (at least I think that's what the small white fluffy terriers are called), but he got a lot less screen time.

I LOVED the scene where Lane and Cusack drive all over town trying to find an open drugstore so they can buy a condom! The more desperate they become, the worse their driving gets. Guess they don't have any 24 hour Walgreens in their city.

I found this entertaining and amusing and would watch it again. Wouldn't make my top 10 list for romantic comedies, but it suits the genre nicely.

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