Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Progress and setbacks..... 

Did start writing a review last night for But You Don't Look Sick. I was doing really well, too, so much so that I hated stopping just because it was my bedtime. And the way I feel tonight, I wish I would have finished it last night because I'm back in zombie mode again.

Had nightmares most of the night again, some involving my ex. Ack. So I wasn't well-rested when I got up and actually felt much worse today than yesterday. I feel very weak and out of it, like Dracula drained me of my blood while I attempted to sleep. Also, believe it or not, my hamstrings STILL hurt from puling weeds on Saturday. The muscles feel like bricks under the skin. And naturally, since I've been foggy-headed all day, I had another cooking mishap. I'm getting really tired of eating slimy little bits of what used to be rice pasta just because I keep forgetting to set a timer while I'm cooking.

I also forgot that I'd planned to get up early and call the union president today. Luckily, when I did remember, I was still able to reach him. We talked about the letter I'd gotten terminating my employment and whether our contract prohibited that sort of action. The president agrees with me that the past practice of allowing people on disability to retain their priority with the company should prevail, and he wants to file a grievance with the labor board about it. It's really more than a matter of whether I'm going to be able to come back right away; if we don't grieve my case, what happens if one of my co-workers gets in an accident or something and needs to be out a bit longer than six months? They would not be allowed to come back because me not fighting my termination will have set a precedent. I know grievances can take years to resolve, but hopefully it will prevent the company from firing anyone else in this way while the issue is being resolved.

While I was on the phone with the union president, I also brought up the subject of the disability pension and whether I actually had to be receiving SSDI to qualify for it. He told me that the penson plan is essentially unchanged since before the agency was formed and that everyone before me who went on disability had to actually be receiving payments from SSDI before the pension would pay disability benefits. Bummer, but at least I know where I stand on that now.

Dan found a local graphic arts job opening he may look into. He's getting really frustrated because he's gotten absolutely no non-automated replies for the jobs he's applied for. I wish someone would give him a break and call. He could use the interview experience.

Dan decided to move up the vacation he'd planned in November to Labor Day week. We're reluctant to spend the money to stay overnight someplace, so we're probably gonna take a few day trips up to the mountains. I'll be bringing the digital camera so I can shoot away to my heart's content providing the batteries are charged. I'm hoping to see some wildlife and perhaps a few early fall-colored trees.

There was other stuff, but I've been staring zombie-like into space for the past 15 minutes trying to remember what, so that's it for now.

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