Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rollin', rollin', rollin'..... 

Went to my primary care doc this morning for my annual checkup. We talked about how my mobility has declined in the past six months (due to Sjogren's plus fibro) and how I've had to give up most shopping, going to museums or anyplace that requires more than a brief walk. We agreed that it's time for me to acquire a foldup wheelchair so I can have more excursions outside the house.

I was nervous that the doc would think I was giving up on trying to stay physically active. I still do exercise, but it has to be non-impact. To my surprise, though, my doc understood and said that it becomes a matter of quality of life if you can no longer walk far enough to do things outside the house that you enjoy and an occasional ride in a wheelchair will give you more freedom.

So she's looking into how best to run this through my insurance. I have mixed feelings: sad that I need a wheelchair but excited that I might get to the zoo or botanic gardens again. My husband will have to push the wheelchair as my hands are too messed up to do it myself, but he doesn't mind because we'll be able to do more things together this way.

So at least that's one thing addressed. Another thing I'm doing is continuing to acquire medical records (I've decided I don't trust Social Security to do this properly); I've contacted three docs so far and will be working on several more in the weeks to come. I'm also thinking of seeing if at least one of my former co-workers would agree to do affidavits to back up the one Dan submitted.

I never expected not working could take up so much time.

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