Friday, September 16, 2005

"Lost" and found.... 

Ok, I know I should stop making frivolous purchases, but, well, I did use some of my vacation money to buy the first season of "Lost" on DVD. Turned out to be a great investment as there are EIGHT discs in the set! There are 24 original episodes plus two discs' worth of bonus material.

At first, I thought I'd just watch an episode here and there, not really expecting to view them all prior to season 2 starting next Wednesday. But then the ending of one would be so compelling that I'd jump to the beginning of the next one, and before I knew it, I would be far enough into it that I would just sit back down and watch the rest, and then onto the next one. So I did manage to see all 24 plus about an hour of bonus stuff including audition tapes, set photos by Matthew Fox, a documentary on the making of the pilot, how they did certain stunts and effects, etc.

I will admit that part of the reason I camped out on the couch was to escape this business of filing for disability, figuring out a new monthly budget, attempting to tidy the house without injuring myself or going into a flare, etc. In other words, I seriously needed a break from reality. I felt a bit guilty at first because I promised Dan a month ago I was gonna figure out how much we could spend on what, and I've been avoiding it ever since. But then on Saturday, after a marathon viewing, I noticed that the daily edema in my left foot was completely gone due to elevating it instead of sitting at the computer making it swell up. So in my case, being lazy isn't all bad, heh heh.

I haven't enjoyed a television show this much since "Quantum Leap" aired. The pilot episode got me right away with its incredibly realistic set (they used a real plane on a real beach), intelligent characters and interesting plot. The acting is top notch, the script writers paid attention to details usually ignored in a television series, and of course it doesn't hurt that Oahu is one of the main characters.

Another device that makes the show stand out is the elaborate use of flashbacks. Each major character's past is hinted at or only partially explained, but we are given enough information to allow us to care about what happens to each of them. And in time, we see connections between characters that weren't obvious at first. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the final picture will be.

I don't know if the second season can hold the suspense of the first as now the expectations are so high. But you can bet my eyes will be glued to the screen on Wednesday night. "Lost" is a real find.

Have you heard of Netflix? www.netflix.com. For approx $20 a month you can get 3 dvd's at a time mailed to you and keep them for as long as you want. Then you mail them back and get them replaced. No late fees, no extra charges. You might not have been able to have gotten lost right away, or all at one time, but you wouldn't have to had paid full price for it! Take a look at it - We've loved it!

Linda from spoonville.
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